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Behind the ScenesColleen TuohyComment

Our Beginnings:

The first candles we created in 2014 were soy candles in hand-painted glass jars. Our love of paint and all things weathered and distressed were the driving forces behind this product line. To this day these candles continue to be a main staple of our business and sizes range from our smaller 4 oz. jelly jars to our larger 8 oz. and 16 oz. mason jars.

Our signature logo is hand-stamped on recycled card stock and can be seen hanging attached to our jars, hand-tied with jute twine. The candle scent is identified on the hand-tag.

    atlantic avenew logo

    Our atlantic avenew Logo:

    If you look closely at our signature black and white logo, you will find a paint brush and a match criss crossing at the center of the circle.

    Our Production Schedule:

    From time to time we release small quantities of our Classic Hand-painted Collection, also referred to as "The Classics". We hand-paint each jar during the spring and summer months when the weather is more conducive to painting outdoors. Jars are then filled with our signature soy wax, blended with natural and essential fragrance oils. From start to finish, there are more than 10 steps involved!

    You can check out our Release Calendar where you can find out the latest in upcoming releases!

    Behind the Scenes: 

    A Truly Unique Gift:

    These weathered and distressed candles are perfect for someone looking for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind candle. Don't forget, you can up-cycle these containers after you are finished burning the candle. More on that in a later post!

    Stay tuned for more Behind the Scenes!
    Your friends at atlantic avenew


    CANDLE CAREColleen TuohyComment

    Your guide to atlantic avenew candles and approximately how long they will burn for.

    Candle Burn Time by atlantic avenew

    Certain elements impact the actual burn time of candles during the production process and once a candle has been fully formed and lit for the very first time.

    During the production process, items such as the type of wax and wick used and whether or not any additives have been mixed in will have an impact on the burn time of the candle.

    What are additives?
    Additives are ingredients which are added to the wax during the production process. Here are some examples of how additives impact

    • Increase firmness
    • Prevent candles from losing their shape in warmer climates or weather
    • Increase overall whiteness of candles 

    At atlantic avenew, we do not add any additives to our candles. Our philosophy is to keep our candles as natural as possible.  

    Other factors also impact candle burn times once the candle has been purchased and lit -- such as whether or not the candle wick has been trimmed to 1/4 of an inch each time the candle is burned, among others. We will discuss more of these factors in a later post.

    We created a resource just for you.

    Based on our extensive candle testing we have created a chart of estimated burn times for all of our candles based on the size of the container.

    Soy Candle Burn Times by atlantic avenew


    Keeping it lit!

    Your friends at atlantic avenew


    Happy CustomersColleen TuohyComment

    We always love to hear from happy customers.

    This past Black Friday and Small Business Saturday we were in our hometown in Bergen County (North Jersey). We had several neighbors and friends swing by to skip the long checkout lines and get a head start on some holiday shopping. Snacks and tasty treats were provided by our very own, Kathleen.

    One of the reasons why I love running a small business is meeting people in the local communities where we have a presence -- from Bergen County, to Hoboken, to Monmouth County and New York City. Finding people that are equally excited as you about your product is something so special it is hard to find the words to describe it. 

    One of our long-time fan favorites, Robin stopped by and did some shopping and we wanted to highlight her story below.

    Spotlight: Robin Murray Bell

    • Loyal customer since 2014
    • Occupation: Pre-School Teacher,  Mom/Wife, Fan of the Great Outdoors
    • Residence: Bergen County resident for the past 30+ years
    • Favorite Scent: Too many to name; coconut and the seasonal scents are always a sure bet

    A Brief History. For the past four years Robin has supported our business -- gifting candles to her family, friends and even keeping some for herself.  She is a big fan of our "Original Hand-painted Collection" of soy candles that we introduced in 2014. Limited editions are still made today, but sell out quickly!

    Where She Burns Her Candles. "The Farm." Her family has a farm house in "Pennsyltucky" as she likes to call it, located near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The farm has been in the family since the Great Depression. According to Robin the farm house is a perfect place for lighting atlantic avenew's rustic and weathered hand-painted mason jar candles. She is also sure to pack a few travel-friendly tins too!

    *Photo Credit: "The Farm" by Robin Murray Bell

    *Photo Credit: "The Farm" by Robin Murray Bell

    "The Farm" at a Glance:

    As mentioned "The Farm" was purchased during the late 1920s and has evolved over time -- it was a dairy farm for over 60 years and today a large portion of the farm is under land conservation. Steer weighing in at 1,000 pounds can still be seen roaming the grounds -- all grass fed, organic (you name it). They each have a name too -- from Licorice to Midnight Rider to Rosie. My personal favorite was "Rosie."

    Robin and her family enjoy spending weekends at the farm, soaking in the peaceful comfort and quiet the land and property has to offer.  Sounds like the perfect retreat to me!

    Thank you Robin for supporting our small business and sharing your story!

    Your friends at atlantic avenew


    Have a story you would like to share? Write us at


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    Coffee Nose Best (FB Size).png

    Ever find yourself in a candle shop (or bath and body shop, perfume counter at the mall -- or equivalent) and you are smelling one fragrance and then another... and another?

    Before you know it all of the fragrances start to smell the same and it is hard to discern one from the other.  Well isn't that a frustrating feeling? Even worse --when you make the purchase and walk out with a product you thought you liked, but actually confused it with another.

    A-ha there is a solution. Coffee beans.

    Yes those small containers of coffee beans suspiciously sitting on counters at the mall or in stores were most likely left there on purpose.  However, in case you didn't happen to notice some spare coffee beans laying around we are going to explain why they are often spotted at these types of locations.

    Full disclosure: This scientific theory remains controversial as some researchers have provided evidence based on their own studies that there was no perceived benefit to smelling coffee beans compared to other scents or products including lemons and/or one's own natural scent. However, in our experience we have found coffee beans to work just fine. So we continue...

    Coffee is an "olfactory palate cleanser." Put simply... Think of coffee beans as the "sorbet" for candle enthusiasts.

    UC Berkeley neuroscientist Noam Sobel has spent a good deal of his career examining the impact of smell on our brain mechanisms, especially decision making. We took the liberty of inserting (candle scent) to make the following passage more applicable to our fragrant candles.

    "Smelling coffee aroma between perfume (candle scent) samples, as compared to smelling unscented air, actually works. The perceived odor intensity of the perfume (candle scent) from sample to sample stayed the same after smelling coffee aroma while it decreased when smelling air between samples. The pleasantness of the perfume (candle scent); however was similar after smelling coffee or air."

    Even as experienced candlemakers, we have fallen victim to the same frustrations from time to time. On one particular occasion we were making several batches of scented soy candles on the kitchen table and forgot to properly label the "landing zone." A few hours later we had some difficulty determining the scent. Yes each candle smelled great -- but the perceived odor intensity appeared to waiver.  Put simply, the scents seemed to blend together and it was difficult to properly identify which scent was which. We started to debate back and forth. Ultimately we took a break and revisited the candles a few hours later and were able to proceed just fine.

    We thought... how could this be?
    We know our scents inside and out, but when in doubt turn to Google. What we learned through some quick internet searching is that we were experiencing "nasal fatigue." We started to get "nosey" (pun intended) and dug a little deeper and explored more on this very topic.

    Terminology defined. In the case described above, we were experiencing "nasal fatigue" -- which tends to happen when nasal receptors become less and less sensitive to certain notes, making it hard to tell one scent (fragrance) from another. Nasal fatigue is also commonly referred to as olfactory fatigue, odor fatigue, and/or olfactory adaptation.

    This is not something to stress over. Think about when you walk into a coffee shop or restaurant, when you first walk in the smell can be overpowering. The smell then seems to get less strong. This is olfactory habituation or olfactory adaptation at work. Side note: Anosmia is the permanent loss of the sense of smell and should not be confused with olfactory fatigue.

    By using coffee in between testing different candle scents, you are in effect cleansing your nasal receptors, similar to how foodies eat sorbet in between courses to cleanse their palate. So go clear the air and give this tip a try!

    Time for a coffee break!
    Your friends at atlantic avenew

    P.S. If you are still curious on this topic or how you can use coffee for other purposes, check out the articles below.



    COMMUNITYColleen TuohyComment
    Refresh at atlantic avenew

    What's New?

    Our goal is to make your shopping experience with atlantic avenew an enjoyable and memorable one -- so we have added some great resources to keep you coming back for more! 

    This past week we made some major changes to our website and are excited to highlight three of our newest features:

    • Candle Edu: A one stop shop for candle resources; topics curated by our candle experts and markers at atlantic avenew
    • Events Calendar: Calendar of upcoming candle releases, giveaways and more
    • Custom Order Shop: A more simplified custom ordering process
    • Customer Accounts: For a fast, secure and reliable check out and shopping experience.

    Keep reading below for more information.

    CANDLE EDU.png

    Candle Edu

    We launched Candle Edu as a one stop shop for candle resources. Featured topics include

    - Soy Candle Care: 5 Tips for Success
    - Understanding Fragrance Notes
    - Candle Scents: A-Z
    (Candle Scent Lookup)

    More topics coming soon...

    atlantic avenew events calendar

    Events Calendar

    Always be in the know. 

    We added a calendar that features our upcoming events and candle releases, with the option of adding a reminder to your personal calendar so you don't miss out!  

    These events, including sales and upcoming product launches will also be included in our social media posts and email newsletter.

    Custom Orders by atlantic avenew

    Custom Orders, Simplified

    Ever find yourself looking for your favorite candle scent only to discover that it is out of season? Our Custom Order Shop is designed to fix that. We have a listing of over a dozen scents that are currently available, with the option to request an "off-list" scent for a nominal set-up fee.

    Our Custom Order Shop provides flexibility in terms of candle sizes -- 2 oz. tin, 4 oz. glass jar, and 8 oz. mason jars. There is a minimum requirement of six (6) candles due to the nature of our business.

    Did you know that we make our candles in small batches? This keeps our overstock lower and our candles fresher!

    Customer Accounts.png

    Customer Accounts / Login

    With a Customer Account, you can securely save payment methods, shipping addresses, shopping carts, and order information, making for a faster checkout experience.

    To create an account, click on the "Sign In" button on the home page.


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    Happy exploring!

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    Candle EduColleen TuohyComment

    There is one fragrance category that is not a "spoke" on Michael Edward's Fragrance Wheel. In a previous post we covered the four types of fragrance notes -- Floral, Oriental, Woody and Fresh.  In this post we will cover a completely different category: Gourmand.