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gourmand definition

Word of the day: GOURMAND.

There is one fragrance category that is not a "spoke" on Michael Edward's Fragrance Wheel. In our post Candle Edu: Understanding Fragrance Notes, we covered the four types of fragrance notes -- Floral, Oriental, Woody and Fresh.  In this post we will cover a completely different category: Gourmand.

Gourmand defined.

Gourmand fragrances, in short, are aromas and fragrances related to delicious food and drinks. Although "Gourmand" does not have a formal place on the Fragrance Wheel, it is certainly worth noting. It is a term that is widely used within the modern family of fragrances. Some of the most popular blends include the following:

Honey, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, cognac, almonds; blended with spices, patchouli, and musk

Generally speaking, these fragrances tend to evoke in us a sense of comfort or nostalgia. They are most associated with happy memories from know those irresistible aromas that make your mouth water or remind you of granny's apple pie? 

Many would agree that the holiday season is a time of sensory overload -- this also applies to our sense of smell. Think about all of the mounds of freshly baked goods, to the copious amounts of mulled wine or (insert your favorite holiday aroma here).  You get the picture.

Trend alert.

Gourmand fragrances are also most popular within the Fall and Winter months because they bring about a sense of comfort and warmth.  The good news is you can skip the calories (or temptations!) and still fill your home with the sweet smells of the holidays.

Disclaimer: Although they may smell delicious, these products are not intended for human or pet consumption.

So go and impress your friends...

To gourmand and beyond!

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