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Your guide to atlantic avenew candles and approximately how long they will burn for.

Candle Burn Time by atlantic avenew

Certain elements impact the actual burn time of candles during the production process and once a candle has been fully formed and lit for the very first time.

During the production process, items such as the type of wax and wick used and whether or not any additives have been mixed in will have an impact on the burn time of the candle.

What are additives?
Additives are ingredients which are added to the wax during the production process. Here are some examples of how additives impact

  • Increase firmness
  • Prevent candles from losing their shape in warmer climates or weather
  • Increase overall whiteness of candles 

At atlantic avenew, we do not add any additives to our candles. Our philosophy is to keep our candles as natural as possible.  

Other factors also impact candle burn times once the candle has been purchased and lit -- such as whether or not the candle wick has been trimmed to 1/4 of an inch each time the candle is burned, among others. We will discuss more of these factors in a later post.

We created a resource just for you.

Based on our extensive candle testing we have created a chart of estimated burn times for all of our candles based on the size of the container.

Soy Candle Burn Times by atlantic avenew


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