A to Z Candle Scents by Collection

City to Sea

Dawn Patrol
Musk, notes of sage; earthy

Dune Grass
Rich green florals

Endless Summer
Vanilla, musk, sandalwood

Lost at Sea
Blend of amber and vanilla; aquatic and mysterious

Salt Air
Orange blossom, hint of musk; clean and invigorating

Storm Rider
Patchouli, vanilla and amber; spiritual


Coming soon!


Bergamot + Bourbon
Sophisticated blend of bergamot and amber with notes of black pepper and wood

Patchouli + Vanilla
Woody notes of patchouli blended with amber and vanilla

Pomegranate + Sage
Vibrant green florals with botanical sage,sweet pomegranate and tropical sage

Sea Salt + Orchid
Personal favorite; smooth and elegant floral notes, jasmine and a hint of Himalayan sea salt

In the "Off-season":

Our Classic Hand-painted Jar Collection is not always in season. We paint our jars in the spring and summer months due to weather conditions. The good news is you can still find some of your favorite scents in our City to Sea Collection.

  • Bamboo is the same scent as "Dune Grass"

  • Egyptian Amber is the same scent as "Endless Summer"

  • Oak Moss & Amber is the same scent as "Dawn Patrol"