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Faherty Brand Collaboration

We have teamed up with Mike, Alex and Kerry Faherty over at Faherty Brand to create an exclusive collection of scented soy wax candles, available in Faherty retail locations. 

The Collection

Capturing the essence of a "never ending summer" this carefully curated collection is almost guaranteed to invoke fond memories of "life's greatest moments."  According to Kerry, these candles "sell like hotcakes."  Hurry on over to Faherty and test out one of our three signature soy candles. 

  • Lake House. Earthy and woodsy, with a faint citrus to the scent. It smells like someone is cooking you something delicious while you are swinging on the porch swing overlooking the lake.
  • Lost at Sea. Fresh and crisp, this invigorating scent smells like the wind on your face while sailing across the Long Island Sound.
  • Surf Wax. Smells like coconut and a day at the beach. One deep breath and you can feel like sun on your face.

This collection was created exclusively by atlantic avenew for Faherty Brand.  For more information on our soy candles, continue reading below.


About the Candles
You asked. We answered.

Where are the candles made?
Each candle is made in our kitchen in small batches (literally we make about six in one batch). It is all about the attention to detail in our craft. There is no mega- candle factory, no automation, no machines pouring the wax into containers for us.  It is simply three of us ladies cranking along our own "Ford" inspired assembly line to simplify production.  Our Dad (Patriarch of the family and retired Army Lieutenant Colonel) helps out with the logistics as it relates to packaging and shipping. 

What is the special sauce? 
We hand pour each and every candle. After we let the candles "do their magic" for 24 hours, we add the finishing touches. Each candle is carefully inspected prior to shipment to Faherty Brand for your ultimate enjoyment. Note: Some candles may vary slightly due to their handmade nature. Air bubbles or slight indentations within the wax is perfectly normal with soy candles and does not affect the quality of the burn.

What makes the candles smell so wonderful?
We have hand selected high-quality fragrance oils which are Phthalate Free and are blended with natural essential oils. The candles smell wonderful, but that does not mean you should attempt to use it as a bath and body product nor should you consume it.

What kind of wax do we use?
Before we started our business in 2014, we researched the various types of candle waxes available on the market and found that soy wax was one of the most eco-friendly and non-toxic blends around.  Not to mention we found ourselves a manufacturer in the U.S. who sources soybeans from American farmers. Also, unlike other candlemakers, we do not use dyes of any kind in our candles. The more natural, the better. 

What type of wicks do we use?
Yes we sometimes get this question too. For your information, we use a lead-free, cotton core wick in each candle.

Do we test our product on animals (or humans, androids, etc.)?
Absolutely not.

Where can I buy a Faherty candle?
To purchase a Faherty candle, please visit one of Faherty's retail locations to purchase products from this collection. For more products from Faherty Brand visit -- we have included some of our #Fahertyfavs below!