Operation Cheer

Sending handmade in America holiday cheer overseas.

History of Operation Cheer

The Harris Family members of Orange County, New York have been long-time supporters of atlantic avenew. Their son Patrick Harris (Infantry Captain, Army Ranger, West Point Graduate 2012) is currently deployed in Afghanistan and is supporting the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division’s mission of training the Afghanistan Military and Police.  To learn more about his Brigade, click here for its Facebook Page.

Their daughter Army Major Jacqueline Harris who is currently stationed at the United States Military Academy - West Pointserved two tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq.  She was the one that brought to our attention the idea of wax melts and said...

"Electric candle warmers are used by the troops to "freshen up" our living quarters.  Due to restrictions in many living quarters, candles are simply not an option... but a candle warmer can be a reminder of home, family and loved ones, especially during the Holiday season.  Few places smell pleasant, so the candle warmer provides a few moments of freshness and comfort.”

Our Commmitment

For each candle purchased between November 28 and December 24, 2017, atlantic avenew will match your purchase quantity (e.g., 1 candle = 1 candle wax melt), and donate the wax melts to the Brigade. 


The atlantic avenew family has a long and strong history of ties to the U.S. military -- spanning multiple generations. Our extended family including our atlantic avenew friends such as the Harris Family, serve as a constant reminder of the sacrifices made and the challenges faced by today's men and women serving our country. The Troops deployed in difficult and dangerous places always appreciate reminders of home, especially around the holidays. We hope that we can make this happen with your help. 

 Wax Melts by atlantic avenew

Wax Melts by atlantic avenew

What are we sending?

From Snickerdoodle to Blue Spruce, to (insert your favorite nostalgic scent here)... we believe these scented wax melts will provide a reminder of home to Patrick and his buddies. Patrick works closely with the Brigade’s Chaplain to ensure that items are shipped across the Brigade which is spread across southern Afghanistan. 

For more information, you can read our original blog post here.

 Sample of box sent overseas to Patrick during deployment.

Sample of box sent overseas to Patrick during deployment.

Not into candles? No problem.  

We understand that candles may not be "everyone's thing." If you would still like to contribute and participate in Operation Cheer you can make a monetary donation by clicking the button below.100% of donations will be used to purchase Girl Scout Cookies for the Brigade, which are a sought after and favorite treat!