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What’s the best way to kick off the summer? Plain and simple, the Spring Lake 5. For those who are not familiar – it is the premier five mile event at the Jersey Shore.  We couldn't have said it any better than the SPRING LAKE 5 website:

"Summer at the shore begins with the Spring Lake 5. Great race, great party, it is hard to imagine starting the summer without it.”

Every Memorial Day Weekend, runners, joggers and walkers alike, pack Ocean Avenue and prepare to wind through the streets of Spring Lake. The event has grown substantially over the years – from a local fun run in 1977 with roughly 500 participants to a nationally recognized event, sporting 12,000 registrants! At 8 AM the race course is closed to traffic and the official kick off time is 8:30 AM. Thought you could arrive late and get a close parking spot? Think again. We have found that the best way to maneuver through town is on foot or arriving via beach cruiser.

What makes this event so special? It represents an annual Memorial Day tradition for thousands of families and groups of friends. The sidewalks and front lawns along the course are lined with tons of fans who enthusiastically cheer on each participant as they pass by.  It is a reason to come together and bond as a community. Rain or shine, you can always count on the fans.

Kate, Lisa, Mike It is about overcoming the odds and the will to cross the finish line.

Kate, Lisa, Mike It is about overcoming the odds and the will to cross the finish line.

Earlier this morning we positioned ourselves at the finish line with a good friend of ours, Kate. She sported a bright neon pink shirt with a matching sign - "YOU DID IT!! CONGRATS AUNT LISA & BATMAN." We waited anxiously for her Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike to pass by so we could cheer on loudly! The Spring Lake 5 has been a family tradition for several years. This year was different.  Just last year Lisa suffered a stroke which impacted her mobility. However, she was determined to not let it affect her spirit.

Lisa’s willpower and determination to bounce back has been an extraordinary inspiration to so many of her family members, friends and to the dozens of people she has met along the way. In the last 20+ years of us attending the Spring Lake 5, this by far was the most inspirational. Learning more about Lisa’s story and her resolve to participate in this year’s Spring Lake 5 is unbelievable.  Together, Lisa and Mike finished the Spring Lake 5 in 74 minutes.

There is an even greater meaning to this day.  Lisa and Mike demonstrated that it is more than just achieving the fastest time or competing against one another – it is about camaraderie, tradition and team spirit. It is about overcoming the odds and the will to cross the finish line.

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